Passport - Renew (Minor)

Passport renewals for children 17 years old and younger must be done in our office, in person.

For applicants under 16, both parents and the child must be present. (If one or both parents are unable to be present, call our office for more information.)

Applicants age 16 or 17 must have valid identification. We recommend that one parent present.

Read all these steps first! 

Because we are using physical distancing to help keep people safe, our renewal process has changed.

Read the following instructions all the way through before you begin.

Gather your information 

You will need:

  • Current or most recent expired passport
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Any applicable documentation pertaining to name or identity change for child or parents. (Example, certified marriage certificate, adoption papers,)

Download the form 

Download, print and complete application for a U.S. Passport.

DO NOT print the form on both sides of a single piece of paper (back to back).

The application form must be completed:

  • to the best of the applicant's knowledge
  • in black ink.

Parental information is required (even if the parents are deceased).


Determine the fees 

Fees are based on the age of the applicant and the time from in which the applicant needs their passport returned to them.

Bring two (2) forms of payment for each applicant.

  • Department of State Fee: Check, money order or cashier’s check payable to: U.S. Department of State – one payment (1) per applicant. (The Department of State does NOT accept cash or credit card)

  • Olmsted County Processing Fee: Check, money order, cashier’s check, cash or credit card.

See the Olmsted County Passport Fees webpage for more information.

Get your arrival time 

On the day you want to come into the Olmsted County Government Center building, use the Olmsted County Online Check-in page to get an arrival time. This will help us avoid crowded lines at the Government Center.

The web page will tell you what time to arrive. It will give you a ticket number that you will use to check in when you arrive. That same number will be used to call you to the desk. Keep it handy. (You will also receive a text message with this number and arrival time.)

For safe physical distancing, do not enter the Government Center more than five minutes before this time.

Access the Olmsted County Online Check-in system with your computer or smart device at

Come to the Government Center 

To minimize health risks, we ask that you only bring the application and the applicant's parent(s).

Remember to bring the information you gathered and payment for any fees.

Do not enter the building more than five minutes before your scheduled arrival time.

Olmsted County Government Center
Passport Office
151 4th Street South East
Rochester, MN 55904

What to expect when you arrive 

Follow the posted directions. They will tell you where to check in. After you check in, you will receive further instructions.

If you have questions, there will be staff available to direct you.

When it is your turn, you will be called to the desk.

Thank you! 

Thank you so much for your cooperation with this new process. Stay healthy and stay safe!

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