Visit Someone Who Is In Jail

Due to corona virus concerns, all onsite video visitation is suspended until further notice; remote visitation is encouraged and remains in effect. Until onsite visits can resume, inmates will receive two free remote (offsite) video visits per week and 1 free telephone call.

These remote video visits will be scheduled on a first come/first serve basis. If you attempt to schedule a visit and receive notification of a cost/fee, the 2 ‘free’ visits have already been used. There is no limit to remote visitations, for a fee.

Use the ICSolutions App to schedule remote visits.

Keep in mind

Detainees are responsible for checking the video visitation schedule on the video visitation kiosk daily. The detention staff will not monitor the visitation schedule nor will they remind detainees of scheduled visits.

Create an ICSolutions account 

You cannot come to the Work Release Facility to visit with a detainee. You can video call a detainee from your home computer or phone.

For your phone, download the ICS Mobile app from your phone's app store.

Use the ICSolutions website or phone application to create an account.

From your computer, you can click the register button and a browser window will open for you.

Sign into ICSolutions and register for visitation 

Use your ICSolutions account to sign into the ICSolutions system.

Follow the instructions on the screen to register for a visitation (schedule a visit).

Read and understand the rules 

If you disobey any rule, even if you did not know about the rule, you might be banned from visiting detainees (contacting anyone in jail).

Also, criminal charges might be filed against you. (You could be arrested.)

Make sure you readand understandthese rules.

Download the ICSolutions app 

In order to make this video call you need either:

  • The Visitor™ Windows Edition video visitation program (for your computer)
  • or The Visitor™ Android app (for your Android smartphone)
  • Sorry Apple devices do not work with The Visitor.

Download this app and test your computer or device before your scheduled visit. This way you will know that your equipment works before your visit (video call).

Note: Usually, if there is a problem, it is because your internet is weak or intermittent (cuts in and out). When you do your test, make sure it is the same time of the day and the same location where you will make the video call. For example, are you going to make the video call in your living room? Make sure you do your test in your living room. Is your video call scheduled for noon? Make sure you do your test at noon.

Why? Because internet speed and strength can be different at different times of the day and locations.

Start your video call 

You are ready to conduct a video visit with an ADC detainee. See ICSolutions help page for instructions about starting your video call.

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