Olmsted County Homestead Application

Who is Eligible for Homestead?

If you own and occupy your own property, you may be eligible to receive residential or agricultural homestead treatment. Homestead classification makes your property eligible for a reduced classification rate, and/or a reduced taxable value, or may make you eligible for a Property Tax Refund or to enroll in other programs. You must own the property and occupy it as your primary residence by no later than December 31 of the current year to receive homestead for taxes payable next year.

Complete the entire application and submit to the assessor within 30 days of establishing homestead, no later than December 31 to be eligible for homestead in the next tax year. For manufactured homes, you must submit the application by May 29 to be eligible for homestead in the current tax year.

  • Example 1: Homestead application is filed on December 15th of current year. This homestead will apply to the current year and future years.​
  • Example 2: Homestead application is filed on December 16th of current year. This homestead will apply to future years.​

Search for Property

Please search for your property using Property ID Number (found on the Property Tax Statement) OR by property address.

If you don’t currently have a property address assigned by the County you will have to complete a paper copy
Getting errors or can't find/verify your address?
  • Try entering just your house number, e.g. 1234.
  • Try entering just your street name, but exclude suffixes like Dr, St, Ave, Ln, Cir, etc.
  • Don't enter any special characters like #,&.
If you cannot verify your address above, please click here complete a paper Homestead Application.
The paper form is required if any applicant has a taxpayer identification number instead of a social security number or if your information is protected by one of the following:
  • Minnesota Statute 5B - Data Protection for Victim of Violence
  • Minnesota Rules Chapter 8290 - Safe at Home Program
  • Court Order

Property Information

You MUST complete this section. Please provide the following information on the property for which you are claiming a homestead.

Please complete the Date Purchased / Date Occupied to the best of your knowledge. If you are unsure of exact date of purchase/occupancy, use 01/01 for month and day, followed by the year you purchased/occupied.


EACH occupant and/or married couple applying for homestead must complete this section. You certify you and your spouse, if married, are a Minnesota resident, and occupy the property described above as your primary residence. You also certify that the information you provide is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.

An ITIN can only be used in situations where one spouse has a Social Security Number and the other spouse does not. ITINs are not an acceptable alternative in any other case.​

We will not disclose Social Security Number(s) you provide on this form to the public, but we may share among government officials for tax collection and administration purposes. The information on this form is required by Minnesota Statutes, section 273.124 to properly identify you and determined if you qualify for homestead.

Your Social Security Number is required. You will provide Social Security Numbers at the time of signing the document. If you do not provide the required information, your application will be denied. If you provide your Social Security Number thereafter, the effective date of the homestead classification may be delayed. Your Social Security Number is considered private data for purposes of establishing homestead.

Four Occupant Maximum, if you have more than four please use one of the other application methods.

Occupant 1

Previous Address

If there are more than two non-occupying owners, please contact Olmsted County Assessors Office.

Non-Occupying Owner 1

This section must contain the property owner’s information.

Qualifying Relative

Please review the information below for any errors.

Property Search

Property Address: Change Address
Parcel ID:
Homestead Type:

All applicants will receive an email with instructions on how to complete and sign the Homestead Application.


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